Live Video not playing

Brave can’t play live video on It has on other sites. Sheilds are down. Ideas? It does play in Chrome.

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It’ll be a bit hard to troubleshoot this since it requires a subscription, I can get around the geo block, but I can’t replicate this. I did test standard videos from ‘’, no issues with playback with sheilds enabled.

Does the error console (F12) say anything when it spits out the error message? If you try using private mode with all extensions disabled, does that help?

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Apologies. I wasn’t thinking about the subscription. Makes it kind of hard for help eh?

F12 gives me the usual html but sorry I’m not that good at it. Do you want a copy and paste here?

I tried private mode with extensions disabled but got the same message as shown in the image above.


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Not something that be easily fixed (similar to bank issues for example). Maybe clearing out the cookies/cache and restarting the browser would be a first step

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No support for browser. Doesn’t work on TSN either. Plus on the mobile version of Brave I get a blank screen on some sites. Looks like Brave isn’t ready for prime time for me.

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