Brave Not Opening When Clicked On

Brave not opening on Windows 11
Steps to reproduce

  1. Download Brave Installer
  2. Run Brave installer
  3. Double click on brave to open
  4. Brave windows open but immediately closes

Brave opens but then closes immediately this is the same thing with google chrome

Can’t check the version but just installed it a day ago (less than 24 hours)

This is on a clean install from a Walmart pre-built PC. I am a friend trying to get Brave/Google chrome running. I have uninstalled MacAfee and another antivirus. We only have windows defender and that is turned off for the time being. I am suing Parsec (the latest version) to remote into the PC. Drivers and Windows 11 have been updated. I have restarted the computer many times, reinstalled chrome, and brave. Still nothing. Even running as admin does nothing.

Any help will be helpful. I have torn apart all help articles on the google forum and nothing has worked. I even copy and pasted my google data into his google data folder. It opens for longer (1 second) and then immediately closes.

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