Brave doesn't open on Windows 11

I just got my windows 11 laptop yesterday June 24th, and immediately installed Brave. I used it for maybe 20 minutes, but it was working just fine. Today I hopped on my laptop, and Brave would no longer open. I tried disabling virus and threat protection, but that didn’t do anything. The only thing that seemed to work, was rename the file name (or people were calling it the “local state”), and then I was able to open up Brave, but could no longer set it as my default browser, for windows no longer recognized it as a browser.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Brave, and I’ve reset my computer several times, but with no luck. I have run out of options, but would still like to use Brave, because I am used to it, and because it’s better than Microsoft Edge.

uninstall Brave using iobit uninstaller
Restart PC
Install this version

If it works, Use it, Brave will Auto update to Latest version.

I tried that like you said, and I thought it worked, but after trying it a few times, and uninstalling and reinstalling it, it still doesn’t work.

Record the Behavior in Loom using another browser and Share the Link here

Here’s what happens when I go to open it.

It can be your Antivirus, Which Antivirus you are using ?

Whatever comes normal on Windows 11.

Here’s me disabling the threat and virus protection.

Turn off Real time Protection

Disable all apps which has been Enabled in Startup

Restart PC

Try Launching Brave again.

l tried that and it didn’t work. Also, Real Time Protection automatically turns itself back on after a computer restart.

Did you download/install Brave from the official website ( or from some other source? If you obtained it from another source, can you please instead try downloading it from our official website?

Additionally, can you please try downloading the Beta build of the browser and tell me if you’re able to open and use it without issue?

Thank you

I was originally installing it from the Microsoft store. I tired what scavxo said, and installed an earlier version, but that didn’t work either. I just installed the browser and the beta from the official Brave website, and it still doesn’t work.

If you’re okay with losing whatever data you have (which is likely not much given your situation), can you please ensure that you’ve cleared any/all browser data from your machine (uninstall all Brave instances and ensure that you elect to clear any associated data when uninstalling) then re-install the stable version you downloaded from our official website and tell me if the issue persists?

Lastly, can you confirm that this laptop is a personal laptop and not one provided by your work?

Thank you.

Yes, so I have been using IObit Uninstaller to fully uninstall Brave, everytime I uninstall it, and it’s still not working.
Yes, this is my personal laptop that I just got, and have only installed a few applications, and Brave is the only thing not working right now.

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Interesting. If the uninstaller is removing the data in your User Data folder (C:\Users\[your system username]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser) then that should be everything.

One more thing to test — I’m wondering if Graphics Acceleration is the issue. Please try the following:

  1. In Windows search, type in cmd and open the command line prompt
  2. In the terminal, type start brave --disable-gpu
  3. Press Enter

Please tell me if the browser launches

I just tried that, and it still didn’t work. The browser still opens for half a second and immediately closes.

Record the Behavior on Loom using another Browser

uninstall Brave using iobit uninstaller

Install this version

Launch Brave.

Also Try uninstalling GPU drivers using iobit
Restart PC
Install Latest GPU Drivers
Perform the above Reply Steps.

Here is me installing the windows 7 version again.

How would I go about uninstalling and reinstalling my GPU drivers?

What GPU do you have ? Nvidia ? yes ?Then you can Simply Run the .exe Installer and Select the option “clean Install” during Setup(It will uninstall the current drivers and Automatically Reinstall new version)

But First Before you try this method, I would first suggest that you uninstall GPU drivers, Brave

Restart PC

Install Brave without GPU drivers being Installed

See if Whether Brave Launches Now

If it does, Install GPU drivers Now

Restart PC

Attempt to use Brave, If it works, Problem Solved.

If it fails, Report here.