I did not recived my brave ads bat missing

Hello i did not know what is happening to brave this month my brave ads bat is not recieved please help me to get back my earnings previous month also this happened i did not complain but now this month also so this time i am writting this topic please help me

I have 12 bat also just went vanish so dissapointment these devs and creator must do in an action immediately!

Me too faced the same probkem, I lost my last month’s earning when I clicked the claim button. Pls help devs

Me too. So weird. I lost my bat last month tried to claim it but now it says 0 bat for last month.

Same issue here. I am really disappointed because I lost my BATs this month for no reason and moreover there is not like 5 ads per hour (I set it to be 5). Sometimes there is not even one ad per all day! Anybody has this issue as well?

I have the same problem too. I lost 20 BAT, today. There was an indefinite pending. And after thay my BAT had disappeared of my futur payout.

Hello all. See May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

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