Brave News Feed on homescreen?

So I’m sure most Android users know Google has a news feed that you can add to the left of your homescreen to see recent news from different sources. I would honestly love this sorta functionality from Brave, especially since Brave News is already such an useful feature. Just throwing an idea out there.

Hello @Ashlord750, thank you for your suggestion. We are always working to improve. If you have or feature you’d like to see implemented in the browser, please leave us a Feature request on our Community website. Please see:


Can you be more specific about what the difference between the feature you’re describing is and what Brave News is? As it is right now, as long as Brave News is enabled, you simply have to scroll down to view news from difference sources.

What I mean is that it’d be awesome to see it directly on the home screen instead of having to open the browser. Also, Google News sends notifications about topics that you might find interesting, so that could also be a great feature on the Brave News homescreen tab

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