Google news feed in brave news

How can i add google news in brave news?

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When you scroll down in the new tab, you find a button “Customise”.
Open it and select Brave News.

Under “Your Sources” you find a text field and a button to add your own RSS feeds.


if you want specific topics, read this article


Go into Brave settings and in the feature section you can enable it from there and select what you want shown. You can add your own sources from there

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What feature section?

The feature section in settings on Brave Android. The request was for Android support.

Yes, you are right, the request is for android. But there is no feature section.

The correct process in Android is to click the 3 dot button and select Brave News. no need to go to settings.
Then click Add Source and enter the RSS feed URL as mentioned above.

You do not understand I am talking about the bookmarks NOT THE RSS FEEDS.

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If you click on the 3 dots then select settings you go into settings on Android and the first section in that is Features. I missed that news is already selectable after clicking the 3 dots. Should have put my glasses on.

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Yup, me also :nerd_face:
I also did not noticed that there is indeed a “Features” section in settings :smiley:

You do not understand I am talking about the bookmarks NOT THE RSS FEEDS.

I tried nothing work

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@Arne28 Sorry, you are replying in the wrong post.
This post is about Google News and has been initiated by @ANTROBAROTICS

That is correct…this is the wrong post.

How and where do I report a bug

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@Arne28 You can report it here if you do not find the answers to your questions in the community. But try to find the answers first, because the help center is extremely busy with open tickets. They may take a while to come with feedback.

Not OP but thanks! So easy.

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