Brave News Widget [android/ios/osx]

I love brave news and use it as my main way to keep up with my interests on the multitude of news sites and blogs.

A widget for android/ios/osx would supercharge brave news even more.
Right now you need to open the brave browser and scroll down to see if there are any new updates. A widget would provide a quick overview of the latest/new articles when engaging with your OS springboard and arguably increase the use of Brave news.

+1 for this.
I would like this actually. It is a great feature. We just need a good way to access it by improving UX.

We can add widgets for brave news, or we can add a shortcut, which will take us to the news section of homepage of brave directly.

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Yes I have been switching a lot of my apps to brave web apps but there is no option for that with Brave News. It would be great for a web app option so you can view the feed without opening up a new tab.