Brave News On Android

I’ve been wanting to use Brave news on Android for a while, I recently found out that Brave news was on Mobile but not on Android.
Why do I want this? I switched to Brave on mobile from Chrome and Chrome had a news feed which I really liked reading through, Now to be clear this is on Desktop but I personally read news feed mostly on my phone hence why I am requesting this and I know this isn’t that big of a deal really but I think it’d be really cool to see this feature in Brave Browser on Android.

Keep up the good work Brave team!

I always find it interesting when development disregards the Android community, as if the quantity of users is minimal.

Note: Opera offers a privacy first browser that has a very nice personalized news feed for Android users.

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Opera is a good browser but they’ve done some shady practices in the past so I don’t really trust them anymore but it is sad to see Android being left in the dust when it comes to features and updates, for reference the iOS version of Brave Browser has a built-in VPN which Android doesn’t. Stuff like this makes me sad cause I wish Android would get the same love and care as iOS does

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I lost interest in Opera after they sold out to the Chinese, I prefer vivaldi if I was not using brave.

Yup same here, granted I did use Chrome until now before I switched to Brave but before that it was Opera, after the news came out…No more

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Agreed. The only other option I found decent is Firefox, but I am still without the news feed, which I find very valuable. I am sticking with Opera for now, strictly due to the customizable news. Disappointing for sure.

I cannot remember if they sold all of it, or a part stake of it to a chinese internet company. But yes, was a great browser back in the day. At least with vivaldi it keeps the original ethos going, I’d only go back to vivaldi, if brave does not give us the wallet and exchange, but it looks like that is closer to happening now, so I will stick with brave for now.

Why the heck you want news on brave mobile? It will another concern for tracking issues. Most people just remove or disable news as people use web browser to browse web and search what they want instead of seeing what other corporations want you to see. Just use google chrome if you want to view news this bad.

The team is working on it @Stewbs . Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for your reply and Yes I will be patient. Best of the luck to the team! They’re doing a amazing job altogether and I am glad to be part of the brave community.

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