Help make Brave better: Feedback thread for theme/color changes coming in 1.18.x

Hello Community!

We’ve recently implemented some changes the Brave’s appearance that we would love to get some feedback on. These changes were made with accessibility and design in mind.*

The first changes will come with the update to version v1.18.x (likely the next stable release at the time of writing this) which includes the following alterations:

  • Tabs in focus/in the foreground will have a greater font weight as to further differentiate between active/inactive tabs.
  • The x button to close the tab will not be shown until you hover over or select the tab. This is to reduce on-screen clutter.

After that, the update to version v1.19.x contains:

  • Updated change in the color for the browser’s dark theme
  • Changes in the color for the browser’s Private and Private w/tor window themes

These changes are currently present in the Beta (1.19.x) and Nightly (1.20.x) versions of Brave and we would greatly appreciate any feedback before pushing them into the stable build.

Thank you!


Hey! I just downloaded Nightly the other day and I love it. I love the new ad window that pops up within the browser itself. But there is a little bug. If the ad appears and you click it, you are redirected to the advertiser. But if you do anything in between like changing tabs, minimizing the browser, scrolling the webpage etc. and then click on the ad, it doesn’t do anything. Just the cross button works and you can close the ad. I know clicking the ad is not required but if someone genuinely wants to visit the advertiser, this bug can obstruct him.
Other than that, everything works great. The new brave feed on the new tab is cool as well. Keep up the good work folks!


Do you have any changes in mind for the Android version? Many people using the beta and nightly version and used previous versions of it with the grid tab switcher are confused by the new simplified tab switcher which comes by default in v1.19 and v1.20, it is activated by the simplified view for open tabs option found under settings > accessibility, I would suggest you to move it to apparence and make it a part of a three way selection making the other two options the classic Chrome stack tab view and grid tab view

I totally prefer the simplified tabs but I know there are people who do not so making the option to disable it and by the way making easier to also select a view normally only delectable via flags is the wisest decision I think could be made

Other cool ideas to improve it and my suggestions are are to use the Android Tabbed App Overflow Menu Icons and Regroup flags, fix the stretched private session icon, add monochromatic symbolic icons for the exit and brave rewards menu entries, add an option in settings to remove the exit button, change the bookmark button for the experimental (and only accessible via flags) “add to” button and instead of changing the home button for the new tab button if you disabled the home page it should completely removed and replaced with the share button which many of the people who disables the home page would find more useful

What do you think @Mattches ?

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I had that too in beta but they removed it and it’s back to a windows notification. Hopefully it changes back to be within the browser again, it’s so much cleaner

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Tabs in focus/in the foreground color changes is great, I love it. actually the contrast between them could be more heigher or I don’t know maybe a red dot indicator on the current tab would be more good , that’d be more great cause , I use brave in dark mode , sometimes I open multiple tabs and it’s very hard to say which tab I’m in.
and I’ve got more things to say actually if you wish to hear. by the way I’ve been using brave browser for prob. one and a half year and There are things I’d like to see in the next updates;
1- I use duckduckgo search engine default in brave but the thing is when I search something on the brave’s main window you know , when I type something in the search bar the engine does not assist me to find things fast, it just shows me only the past search related words I’ve done in the past, but I go to duckduckgo’s main site then it works like the way I’d like to see, it assists you to find things more easily you know it shows instantly some words when you begin to type something , Why it doesn’t work the same way in the brave’s main window search bar? That’d be great… Could you guys change this?

2-The brave’s top site feature is broken Even though I had pinned some sites, they disappeared by tiself and the big problem is, it adds automatically the sites that I visit more but I’d like to add them manually, why users doesn’t have the authorization to do this? to add manually…

please change these two things, These are my feedback , thank you so much for this amazing browser , İt’s very good to know that brave protecting my privacy… great browser thank you…


Have you tried Startpage? It is like DuckDuckGo but if uses the Google suggestions, maybe it shows them in the search bar

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I have not. I think I want to stick with brave’s main start window , it’s better for me I like its appearance you know.

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I mean as search engine

no I dont use google search engine

By the way this question is not only for him but for everyone, what do you think about my suggested changes including the tab switcher mode selector and the overall improvements to the UI? I want to hear about you and your thoughts, while I have a keen eye for UI redesign / improvement I want to hear if you support my suggestions, see what you would charge and specially bring the feedback of the Android users to influence together the future of this amazing browser

And BTW brave browser devs, if you like and implement my ideas you can go a step further and turn the brave rewards (or maybe the new tab) menu entry into a bottom icon row menu entry as the add to button not only is a bookmark page and read later button but it also doubles as a download page button

Extend theme-ing capabilities to include customizing search/address bar. Allow for transparent/blur/font color schemes?

Hello! I downloaded this browser a few months ago and it’s amazing! Adblock galore! But I want a feature that would change Brave in a way we saw with Opera Browser a built-in VPN but for Brave accessing your favorite content can be tricky especially if it’s blocked in your country a VPN will help you bypass that annoying block so you can have access to your favorite content.

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