Brave Needs to Address Brendan Eich

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To start, don’t get me wrong. I adore the Brave developers and the things they have accomplished. I recognize that Eich has made great contributions to Brave and software in general, but we need to acknowledge that his problematic views are dragging down Brave. Even aside from the moral argument, there’s also the argument that Eich’s involvement hurts and limits Brave more than it helps.

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, Brendan Eich is, among other things, homophobic.[1][2][3] I understand that this first broke seven years ago, but this is not something he has grown from. A quick check through Eich’s Twitter shows that he still holds these views. [1][2][3] (these are just some of the more recent examples, not a definitive list)

Even if you don’t believe that there’s anything wrong with what Eich said, or don’t believe there’s anything wrong with having him in charge of Brave, I think we can all agree that Brave will never take off and gain mass adoption as long as Brave has a homophobe as their CEO and figurehead. I cannot, in good conscience, support Brave when I know it will support Eich and his homophobia, and I feel confident in saying that I’m not alone on that.

It’s not right that people have swept this issue under the rug and ignored it. And I understand that Brendan Eich has a right to his opinion, but Brave should realize that people also have a right to critique and boycott in return.

If anyone at Brave is reading this: Eich needs to put the success of the BAT business model and open-source, transparent, privacy-first software first. These things are much more important than any individual’s public image, feelings, or ego.

To summarize: Brave is a great project that doesn’t deserve to be dragged down by Eich’s problematic views.

To elaborate further on the issue : Covid comments get a tech C.E.O. in hot water, again.

I’m asking because, as someone who recently mentioned Brave to relatives as an alternative to people using other browsers, I couldn’t find a way to reply to them after they googled Brave and read about his sketchy views.

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