Rude Devs and ignored problems

Brave has rude devs that treat people like crap, and close tickets without solving the problems. I saw one posting where someone brought up their suspicion that brave was ghost banning political sites, and instead for discussing it like a professional, the dev resorted to name calling.

Now the “Private Browsing with Tor” no longer works, and when I looked up the problem, and finally manage to find a forum talking about it, as most search engine results were about installing brave even though that wasn’t what I searched, the problem isn’t solved and has left me disappointed.

I won’t continue using a product, that has devs who treat their consumers poorly, and close issue and concerns without solutions because no one comment on it in 30 days, as if that’s relevant.

Crappy team behind the project, that ignore problems, nothing will drive me away from you faster than corporate ignorance and belittling of people and their concerns. Disgusting, and a waste of my time. I use you for privacy, and you’ve chosen not to address the broken feature that provides that.

I have a lot of people that ask me for recommendations when it comes to privacy and new alternative techs, and I have recommended Brave in the past, won’t be doing that anymore. To say I’m disappointed in your company, would be an understatement.

Two postings in question.

I created this post to inform you of these issues, and why you have lost a user. Won’t be reading replies. Going to uninstall and install Tor browser directly.


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