Accessibility of Brave

Is there a roadmap to making the Brave community accessible to screenreaders?

Creating a new topic here was impossible when using a screenreader. I kept getting pushed out of the new topic window and couldn’t get back in. I would be placed in the next element after “New Topic” and I couldn’t find the New Topic comment window. In other times, I could access the new topic comment window by going to the address bar and tab once to get into the new topic comment box. Weird how that works…

Most of the browser itself seems accessible, although could I request unique links for the crypto wallets? It just states “Connect” in the links list and I can’t access what the links connect to.

Hey @User001, sorry you’re having these issues! We appreciate your feedback however. Accessibility is important to us.

Which screen reader app were you using? Would be happy to do some testing myself to see if there’s some sort of work around.

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