Brave lost all my tabs... again

  1. This is the second time this week. There’s a weird glitch opening Brave and then my tabs are gone.
  2. Here’s what happens: I click the browser icon to open Brave, it loads for a second but nothing happens, when I click again a few seconds later, it opens, but all my tabs are gone.
  3. I even checked apps and processes in the system after trying to open it for the first time, but there’s nothing about brave, it feels like the first time I try to open it, it just served as means to refresh everything. This is so frustrating. I’m gonna go look for a good tab manager, but to be honest, this should be built in the browser, at least a tab history or something.
    I miss the old Brave.
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Can you tell me what OS you’re using? Additionally, can you check Menu --> History and see if your tab groups are saved here as shown below?

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