Brave keeps losing open tabs

Brave normally starts with all previously open tabs open, but occasionally opens with none - all previously open tabs have disappeared, including pinned tabs. This has happened about a dozen times or so since I started using Brave and there appears to be no obvious way to bring them back, which is a pain.

There’s no apparent reason or cause and may follow an update or crash, but one situation that does seem to cause it to happen is when I’m on my shipping agent’s site and I use their parcel tracking facility. This opens a new separate window and, although there are no issues whilst using it, Brave seems to lose any open tabs when it’s next started, maybe hours later or even the next day.

I thought this may have been when I didn’t explicitly close this window, but closing everything manually doesn’t seem to guarantee it won’t happen. I’m currently using Edge to view this site as I need to use the site a lot and this is the only workaround I have.

I’ve found some other posts reporting similar symptoms in different scenarios, but no solution’s been offered and there’s no useful official response to this issue at all, as far as I can see. The dates suggest this fault has been around for a long time and I can confirm it’s happened on several machines (desktop and laptop), so it’s not hardware-specific.

I like Brave a lot - it’s my default browser, but this a pretty serious fault from a usability point of view. Why is there no fix or even a workaround after all this time? At very least, I’d expect to see an acknowledgement of the existence of the fault.

Brave version 1.5.123
Windows version 1903
All machines are Intel i7-based Dell devices

No response to this after several weeks. Pity really, as Brave does a great job of removing the distracting ads and junk that makes browsing such a chore, but this is a serious flaw that’s been a headache for users for many years. Without even an acknowledgement, the Brave team just can’t be taken seriously. They’re clearly more interested in bigging-up their BAT idea than making Brave a stable browser.

Sorry guys, no good for me - I’m off!

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