Brave logs me out of all of my google accounts on close/restart

Description of the issue: Brave logs me out of my google accounts when closed.
How can this issue be reproduced? Login (shows restored instead of login), close the browser, head to any google site and see that i am not logged in

Expected result: Stay logged in

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**v 1.58.127

What I have tried

  • Reinstall
  • Flush dns
  • Disable blocking fingerprinting
  • Disable secure dns
  • Clear cookies, cached files
  • Disable shields on (accounts.)
  • Clear site data
  • Changed google password

Additional Information:

Thanks for the help!

@Mattches wanted to tag you in as it seems we might have another person. I know you were looking into this.

As @Saoiray stated this could be related to a similar issue we’ve been seeing other users encounter recently. It looks like you’ve already run through most of the troubleshooting gauntlet. I would also suggest you try creating a new profile and test the behavior using it to see if it reproduces there.

If it does, can you please launch Brave and go to brave://historgrams, wait for the data appear and then click the Download button. Then send it to me here on Community in the DM I’m about to send to you.

This will help us get a closer look at what is happening under the hood (note that no personal/sensitive information is contained in these).

Thank you

Nvm google logged me out like 30 times, password reset fixed after restart

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