My Gmail accounts keep on Logging out whenever I leave Brave

So, few days ago, when I opened Brave to use YouTube, I noticed that my Google account was logged out. And not only that, but when I wanted to use Blogger using my second Google account, I too got logged out. The reason I think it keeps on happening like that is because I wanted to remove my classmate’s school email account, and I logged out from all my 4 Google accounts, including my classmate’s school account. I logged in the 4 Google accounts, and now I am dealing with this issue. The version I’m using on Brave is Version 1.67.119 Chromium: 126.0.6478.114 (Official Build) (64-bit). I hope someone can help me here, thank you.

Oh, it seems that the issue has been solved somehow.

I’ll reply with my fix since OP didn’t mind to share it. lol

I had this issue on a clean windows and brave install, but the problem was that I tried logging into my account on (youtube/gmail/drive applies here too) with no password, just the confirmation it sends to your phone and the code generated by Google Authenticator.

Use the password, dont use alternative login methods. (It doesn’t matter if u wanna save it)