Brave Automatically Logs me out of all Google accounts

I’ve skipped all the github issue report like form since this is a simple issue.

I was logging into one of my gmails one time and before I got logged in, gmail showed a button that said something along the lines of “disconnect all accounts”.
So what happens really is everytime I close Brave I get logged out of all my google accounts.

DO NOTE that I disabled any “clear cookies on leave” settings on both google settings AND brave settings.

I’m running on Web Browser Windows 10 pro

Nope, that’s disabled too.

Disable all extensions and perform a check

Disabled all extensions, same thing.

As I said, it was a blue message when I was logging into another email, I clicked it to see if it does what it does and it auto-logs out of all the emails.

Visit this link and press the delete icon near Google and delete those data


Sign in again Manually and see if whether this action fixes your issue or not…

Done, same thing.
Maybe its a google setting


Next time, please don’t do that :pray:
It makes it so much easier on our (support) end as all of the relevant information is available and organized at a glance.

This makes it seem like it is something that you’ve set/configured on Google/ directly — if you’re not clearing any data on exit, you’re not telling sites to forget you when you leave them, and don’t have any extensions installed, it’s then this is likely the case.

The message that you saw (“disconnect all accounts”) is definitely not something that came from Brave.

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