Custom Behaviors in Privacy & Security clear every time I close and restart the Brave Browser

**Description of the issue: I cut & paste a website URL (e.g or into the “Custom Behaviors- Sites that can always use cookies” in “Privacy & Security” section. When I close the Brave browser and then reopen it, any sites I added have been deleted. In the “Cear Browsing Data” I have every thing checked for deletion in all three tabs because I want all cookies deleted except for these sites.

How can this issue be reproduced?
It happens ever time for me. It is reproduced as descripbed above.

Expected result:
I enter wesites in the “Custom Behaviors- Sites that can always use cookies” in “Privacy & Security” section and when I close and reopen Brave, they are still listed in that section.

Brave Version: Brave is up to date Version 1.52.122 Chromium: 114.0.5735.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

It’s confusing because there are two settings:

A) brave://settings/cookies “Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows”

B) brave://settings/clearBrowserData “Clear Browsing Data On Exit” (third tab)

If “B” is enabled, then it will delete all cookies when the browser is closed regardless of any exceptions. It has priority.

The below should work correctly and avoid the conflict between the two settings. For example, if you want to set all cookies, browsing data, etc. to automatically delete when closing the browser and just set exceptions for a few sites – such as web mail – that you want to stay signed in on. Or, when using Brave web apps [Brave Settings > More Tools > Create Shortcut] and don’t want to keep getting logged out of them.

1) brave://settings/cookies – Set “Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” to ON.

2) brave://settings/cookies – Set “Sites that can always use cookies” to include the sites you don’t want cookies deleted for (I.E. https‍://www‍.example‍‍.com or [*.]example‍‍.edu).

3) brave://settings/clearBrowserData – Go to “On Exit” tab and set “Cookies and other site data” to OFF. Also, if you sometimes manually delete browsing data this way and don’t want it to clear, then set it to OFF in all three tabs (Basic, Advanced, On Exit).

With these settings, cookies for https‍://www‍.example‍‍.com or *.example‍.edu should not be deleted, but everything else will.

Thank you. That worked. I looked at help, the community and with online searches. I din’t see one that addressed this exact issue. Did I miss it somewhere?

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