Brave keeps crashing on my Mac (Again)

Hello. A few months back I reported that my Brave kept crashing my macbook pro. At the time I was using Catalina, and last time the culprit (I thought) might have been some old startup items which once I disabled seemed to stop the crashing.

Now I’ve updated to Monterey and the crashes are back. I can’t seem to find a particular trend as it seems to crash for no reason. Sometimes I am not doing anything other than the Brave browser is open which can also crash. (I am using Google Chrome for this new topic btw)

I have tried safe boot which once using Brave seems ok. Going back into normal boot however the crashes still occur. I don’t seem to have much startup items anymore so I doubt it’s an issue.

I have also tried deleting the bravesoftware folder after closing brave. Safly, the crashes still occur.

The fix that seems to come out working is the deletion of the mnojpmjdmbbfmejpflffifhffcmidifd but I can’t seem to find it… perhaps I’m missing something…

Edit: I was trying to send the crash report via brave://crashes but it doesn’t seem to show any indication of recent crashes. The last was around 28 December last year…

Edit2: Just to add on, I don’t think I have any extensions at all existing in Brave. Going to brave://extensions/ only shows " Find extensions and themes in the [Brave Web Store]"

Hello @winds, thank you for reaching us out. Please make sure this option is enabled under settings brave://settings/privacy > Automatically send diagnostic reports If it is enabled even though you do not see any crash reported means that we are already investigating the issue. Regards.

It’s enabled. Thank you.

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