Brave keeps crashing on mac

I have used brave for over a year on this mac but over the past week it just keeps randomly freezing and crashing. It will even crash when Im not even on the browser. I have crash reports turned on as well and everything is updated to its current version

I cant find any rhyme or reason to why it is doing this. I would hate to switch over to chrome but if it keeps crashing I may have to due to it impeding my workflow.

Brave Version v1.51.118

Can you go to brave://crashes and make sure they have been submitted? If not, click on Send Now and close your browser for like 30 seconds, then reopen and go back to brave://crashes. It should then have Uploaded Crash Report ID listed. If you can copy/paste those here, Support will be able to forward that to teams and try to see what’s going on.

In the interim, you can do some of the basic troubleshooting to see if you can identify what’s going on. For example:

  • Disabling Hardware Acceleration by going to brave://settings/system and switching the toggle that says Use hardware acceleration when available is suggest because some computers don’t have the capabilities for it to make improvements. This can resolve some performance issues.

  • Testing in a new Private Window is requested as a troubleshooting step as it often can help rule out issues regarding extensions. If it works fine in Private, most often it means one of your extensions is breaking things.

  • Create a New Profile in Brave is asked to test settings and cookies overall. Though it also helps rule out extensions. However, there are some things that get shared even between profiles. Things like brave://flags and any content filters that are in Shields. So while asking these two can help isolate potential issues for the majority, there may be additional steps to look at.

  • Disabling Shields helps us make sure that any shared content filters or Shield settings aren’t what’s causing issues.

  • Installing Beta or Nightly helps to check if flags might be the issue, but also to give a hint if it was something that might be resolved in the future. If occurs in Release but not Nightly, then it at least helps to narrow down how many lines of code has to be looked through and tested.

Crash Report IDs

I am having a similar issue. However, the browser will not stay open long enough for me to make any of the suggested modifications. This just started happening as of last night, but has rendered Brave unusable. Any suggestions?

@omera I apologize, I lost your post a while back and haven’t responded. I do know you were having issues while some others had been as well. Can you tell me if you’re still having issues in the latest updates? If so, just share most recent crash report. Also, it helps if you can tag when you respond, so it guarantees a notification.

@dcottrell you should be able to test it in Private window, could try installing beta or nightly, etc. But other thing if equal importance is it’s kind of vital to share which OS you’re using and which version of Brave. As you’re well aware, there’s a lot of different versions of MacOS and iterations of Brave. So it’s a helpful starting point.

Oh, for sure. My bad. MacOS Catalina 10.15.7. Brave version is Not sure how to test in a private window if I can’t get it to start. Maybe there is another way to start it up that I am unaware of.

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