Brave just cost me 2 days of my life - Skype


I am FURIOUS right now. I just spent 2 bloody days trying to give Skype credits to a freelancer working for me and I couldn’t. I couldn’t even post in the Skype community because they wanted a display name and after trying multiple ones, I couldn’t get past that page. The “Finish” button was greyed out after I clicked it and nothing would happen. I tried to use their contact page and that didn’t work either, it just kept spinning & spinning.

She finally proved to me that this link was working on her end (I had to add her to my SK list which I didn’t want to do, but whatever) & it didn’t work.

I turned shields off & still NOTHING. I didn’t test the Display name & contact page after that.

It’s supposed to find everyone who is on your SK list so you can send them SK credits.

Of course my brain KEEPS forgetting that I should test it on Chrome & finally after almost 2 hours of trying to get this to work I remembered, tried it on Chrome & it WORKED!!!


If I recall correctly, you are using an older OS (Win 7 I believe) and several extensions installed, several additional profiles, etc. I would wager that there may be something specific to your setup that is the cause of the issue.

I was able to do this without any issue in Brave. I was also able to post to the Skype Community after seeing the same display name requirement you described above. I was able to do this on both macOS and Windows systems.

It didn’t seem like you were asking for any support, so I’ve moved this thread into the “feedback” category. If you do want support and/or to troubleshoot this issue, I’m happy to do so.


No, this was on Win 8.1. I’m on a terrible laptop now. Only one profile.

I was able to get it to work afterward, but only after a restart. That doesn’t explain why it worked with no problems on Chrome before I restarted.


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