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Hello i sent messages to email support after i got my account under rewiew , did anyone got an answer ? I am waiting for 8 days to get a response , and my account unlocked .


I havne’t got any answers either. All I want is to delete the darn browser app from computer and it won’t let me. It won’t let me quit or throw it in the trash from apps folder or my dock (iMac). I can’t even turn off my darn computer. It’s messing up everything. Not happy. Looked at the help center and did a search and can’t even find an answer. . then did put my question in the forum but I haven’t got any answers. I would assume they couldn’t answer or list the answer to an standard question.


I responded to your original topic, please read and try the steps included.
Please understand that we get 100’s to 1000’s of email every day with a very small Support team (and Brave team is small(er) in general) to work through the chaos. We appreciate your patience and will respond as soon as we can.
Thank you.


Sorry, wasn’t trying to be rude. I see all the comments and they are very tech talk. I’m not and just can’t figure it. Freaking out cause it is a brand new computer! Thanks for your help.

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No problem! If you ever have trouble understanding the language, steps or process of something – please don’t hesitate to say so! Either in the thread or you can message me directly.

We’re all here to learn and share knowledge about Brave – no need to have any technical expertise :slight_smile:

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How long does it take for the referral to show up on my dashboard? He joined and downloaded the browser an hour ago and still doesn’t show up on my end?

I read it takes 30 days of using for payment, but just to show that he is even there, nothing at all on my end


Has your friend downloaded and used Brave? I believe the browser must be used for some period of time before it’s counted – to answer your initial question, it should take ~1hr after using Brave.


I will check now. I checked it about 2 hours after they started asking me questions about 2fa and the Uphold wallet, and it wasn’t showing.

Let me check now real quick


Nope nothing! It has now been about 7 hours, and it shows absolutely no activity on my dashboard. And I know that he used my link because he knew my first name when asking me questions about Uphold.