Channel could not be contested. If you think this is in error

I getting error as Channel could not be contested. If you think this is in error, please contact us at

but i seen few people have Reported this issue but there was no respond back anyone’s Topic how fix it.

Any clue how fix this error to help others including?

makes me think could be Server side issue because none my channels was not Linked any accounts.

I having the same issue. Cant find any resolve on here. Did you get an answer. I’m new here and having a hard time find answers to this.

nope and seen loads threads no one hasn’t been fixed. i still waiting Brave Team read this because must be they Server side problems but they havent fixed it for years or few months i not sure.

Well, I guess patients will be required. Thank you for reply to my message. I truly appreciate.

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@nekosunevr and @CeeDee It may be best to submit a Creators Support Ticket at

That said, I’ll also tag @steeven and @Evan123 in hopes one of them will be able to help you this week.

Thank you, I will reach out that way.
Much appreciate.

i just did a ticket to them and got no response back and been more then 4 days now. so feeling no one support ticket side active at all.

Well, not sure when you submitted. But Thanksgiving was last week, so people were on vacation. Nobody works on the weekends. And there are only like 3-5 people handling all tickets. Generally it takes a minimum of 3-5 business days for anyone to get to the ticket, plus some more time to then research your issue.

It just takes a bit of patience. When did you submit the ticket and what is your ticket number?

dont remember ticket number coz ticket number didnt send to my email and was when you posted link like 4 days behind next Ceedee

but email same on ticket im using

keep note partly when reply email for ticket, its blocked on (Microsoft Mail) and (Google) some reasons because getting invalid response back able reply back.

could be your email servers blocking them send and received right now.

It auto responds with an email that provides a ticket number. So if you don’t have that email confirmation they may not have your ticket. Perhaps double check your spam/junk folders.

already checked that and no spams nothing, i did look round no email by Brave support email

@nekosunevr I spoke wrong about the ticket numbers. I’m so used to thinking about rewards, but this was for creators. The creators response does not give you a ticket number but you should have still received a confirmation email.

I’m going to tag @Evan123 to see if he can follow up with either of you. Otherwise might need to wait until @steeven can help next week

@nekosunevr thanks for your patience. Just checking in to make sure you received a reply to your ticket?

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