Really Really getting fed up, Basically radio silence for 2+ months from Brave? HELP ME PLEASE, ITS BEEN 2 MONTHS of trying to get assistance

Look I read over the suggestions for making a post before posting, but right now I am so fed up with Brave support. I have reached out so many times since Feb.09, and each time, its either - “oh your problem is actually not a problem and is fixed” - no, clearly no one has read any of my emails is what that tells me. or just an autoresponse telling me to send all information related to the problem which at this point I have done so many times, I can’t bring myself to waste that time again. I was encouraged when last week I got an email, an actual response, but clearly the person on the other end misunderstood my problem. I was polite and responded 'Thank you very much for responding to me" and went on to explain that I still needed assistance. Not a peep in 4.5 days… Im pretty sure he/she will never respond. This is so troubling to me as it were only a few months where I was loud and proud about the little browser that could. I don’t know what to think now

Not my first post on this community page either… last one someone edited to change the category of my post… that was the extent of a response I got…

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