Brave is telling me to do a manual uninstall/reinstall

Brave quit auto-updating, so I tried to do an update. It failed with an error code 7: 0x80072F7D (system level). The instructions for that error tell me to manually uninstall Brave, download the new version, and reinstall it. Is there ANY way to do so without losing my Brave Rewards? Or is there another way to force an update without uninstalling/reinstalling? I REALLY don’t want to link to an Uphold account at this time (was planning to wait for Gemini).

OS is Windows 7 Pro SP2; current version of Brave is 1.25.72 Chromium: 91.0.4472.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Hey rosiecar,

This one seems a bit sensitive, so excuse me if I can’t sufficiently come up with a solution. Have you attempted to redownload and rerun the installer from

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Wouldn’t that also wipe out my Brave Rewards?

As long as you don’t delete Brave itself, your files will be fine.

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I’ll give it a shot.

Good news! It worked, and my Brave Rewards were preserved. To be clear (for others reading after the fact), I downloaded the newest Brave installer and installed that over my previous installation WITHOUT uninstalling first (although I did back up my BraveBrowser and User Data folders as recommended, just in case). None of my Brave Rewards accounts have ever been linked to Uphold, so that was not a concern.

I find it curious, though, that the registry setting specified in the Web site I mentioned in my top post is EXACTLY what was in my registry BEFORE I manually installed the update. I expected my setting to be incorrect, and that the update would fix it. That was NOT the case. Furthermore, I still have my original install file, which is the BraveBrowserSetup.exe from August 2020, NOT the erroneous brave_installer_x64.exe from Github mentioned in the Web site. In other words, the suspected cause as outlined in that Web site was NOT the cause in my case. I should also mention that this is the FIRST time that Brave has failed to auto-update since I installed it in August of last year.

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Some of this is pretty strange. Just in case, I’ll keep this in mind in case something else like this might happen to someone else later. Also, gonna tag @Mattches so he can see this properly, since it might be good for him to take note of anything that might be important here.

Still, as long as it worked and you kept your BAT, that’s all that matters in the end.


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