Brave update error on Windows

Hi there! I’m unable to update Brave on Windows. It’s showing “error code 3: [0x80040154] – system level” I don’t want to do anything wrong as my BAT earnings for this month is yet to be collected. What should I do, please help!

I usually keep a copy of the installer on my computer when this happens. If you run it, I believe it should update your browser and leave everything else as it was.

I hope it won’t affect my BAT rewards, right?

I wouldn’t expect it would, but I’ve stayed away from BAT. I use Brave for the strength of the security and privacy. I would expect that the amount of BAT you generate is connected to your wallet account and is backed up by Brave, but I honestly have no idea.

@Mattches, any thoughts? Please let me know if I’m spreading incorrect info.

@TarunV go to C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data

and copy the “default” folder, that’s the info in your profile, if you changed the name or created a new one look for it.

save that folder, and then proceed to do what @cynical13 told you. if something goes wrong you will have a copy of your data, I know for sure uncollected bat info is saved, not sure about collected bat since my wallet have been verified for a long time already.

All the advice here seems correct. But to be clear — running the installer (again) will only attempt (hopefully succeed) in applying the latest updates and will not erase or overwrite any data on your current installation, including Rewards data.

@TarunV let us know if re-running the installer works

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Hey @JohnDproof , It worked!! I just reinstalled the app and pasted the copied folder. Thank you.


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