Brave is slower than other browsers on windows 11

I recently did a clean install of windows 11, and installed, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Brave browsers. I had all these browsers running on the previous Windows 10 OS. On Windows 10 Brave was the quickest loading, and the quickest loading web sites by as long way. Now on Windows 11 it is the slowest on both counts by a long way. Google Chrome is now the fastest. What has happened, and can I change anything, as I have now switched to chrome for my browsing as getting fed up with Brave. I am running Version 1.31.88 Chromium: 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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How is this measured? @angiemike6

Just loading a sample page on, sample:

  1. open F12
  2. Network Tab
  3. disable cache
  4. Then open performance tab
  5. click on the “reload icon” to start profiling

At the end of the profiling it’ll give you a total time (in ms).

(No extenstions, just the default Browser, clean profile)

Edge: 25033ms
Chrome: 24900ms
Brave: 5873ms

Could also be applied to other browsers, load times will depend on the type of ads being loaded at the time. Free to test other sites. Just keep the playing field level among the browsers tested to give a fair indication of performance.

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Have you checked your DNS settings ? (disable secure DNS).
Because if he detect (for instance) cloudbrowsing who is slower than another it can generate your lag in loading).

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