Very slow Brave

I have a huge problem with brave. Browser is very slow and system is lagging through it (windows 10). Page loading itself is also slow.
Compare the latest brave ver and opera on my system. Time counted until full loading, opera with ads, brave with ad blocker:
Opera: 7 seconds
Brave: 17 seconds
Opera: 7 seconds
Brave: 68 seconds

System: Windows 10
Memory: 8 GB

Attempted to disable acceleration - no improvement.
No extensions running

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Hey I have this problem too. Did you fix the problem?
It’s so mean i can’t browse normally. I have a decent PC and Brave just doesn’t want to run normal. It’s very vey slow.

No, i still have a problem. I’ve noticed that more cards cause more problems. I use bravs alternating with opera which can handle more tabs.

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