Brave is running slow

I own a Moto G5 plus running Android 8.1.0
Every app is up to date. The phone is up to date.

I was noticing the last 2 months that Brave hangs for about 10 seconds then the the page comes up. Does it most of the time.
It hasn’t always been this way. It use to be super fast.
What changed?

Hi @JPatrick,
Can you try clearing your browsing data?
Go to: Settings → Privacy → Clear browsing data
Select and clear history, cookies and cached files. Make sure to select all time for the time range.

Are you using a “Private DNS” setting on your Android?

Have you compared Brave to another browser hitting the same website?

Mine is running slow too🤔 I compared it to Google Chrome and it’s slower. I also tried other browser such as Firefox and Kiwi (for mobile).

Free up some space and restart your device, dude. :slight_smile:
Usually that solves the slowness issue… and don’t have too many tabs open – it’s a mobile device, not a data center. :slight_smile:


Have already done all that multiple times. Hasn’t made a difference.

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