Brave browser slow down

I want to express my frustration with the recent performance of the Brave browser. It has become noticeably slower when loading websites. Previously, it was functioning smoothly and quickly. Now, it takes an annoyingly long time, typically 40-50 seconds, for websites to load.

This slowdown has significantly affected my browsing experience. I rely on the browser for various tasks, and the decreased speed is hindering my productivity. I would appreciate it if this issue could be addressed promptly to restore the browser’s former efficiency.

Thank you for your attention to this matter

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I did not see this was a mobile section, for android. I removed my comment and posted it in the desktop section.

I’ve always found Brave on Android incredibly slow. Twitter, for example, takes about a minute to load. It’s not a network issue because on the same device, I can stream 1080p video smoothly.

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