Brave Is Not Saving My Stuff

Beave Is Not Saving

Description of the issue:
  • When I startup brave, everything looks normal and when you add a bookmark and search websites nothing look different then I close brave for the day.
  • And now I start loaded brave up and thinking that everything is saved but when I look at my bookmarks they where gone and then I check my history to get my bookmarks back but nothing was saved not even the “Brave Reward” was working. But the “Google Chrome” bookmarks has saved when I imported it…
Steps to Reproduce:

No Idea I keep on uninstalling and reinstalling the program and nothing changes with no special location changes.

Actual Result:

I don’t know what to put here.

Expected result:

Things to save.

Reproduces how often:

Every time I get on and off.

Brave Version:

Version 0.60.45 Chromium: 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Reproducible on current live release:

I don’t know, I’m a bit new to brave.

Additional Information:

I’m trying my best to describe my problems I hope It help that I put details tags in.

Can you show me what you see on your end when Brave launches?

Hope fully this helps

When I all ready started

When I relaunch brave

Sorry for the late reply - not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this before.
Can you tell me what does and what doesn’t save when you exit?

It won’t save passwords, bookmarks, history, downloads, brave rewards, apps, blocking ads and at random sites that I had in a different tab when I reopen close tabs after closing.

@ExitCore, thanks for the information.
So I apologize for the repetition/monotony of the situation but I’m fairly stumped as to what’s causing this and I’d really like to see this behavior in action.

Is there any way you’d be willing to share a short recording of you producing the issue? Some resources for this are available if you’re not familiar with capturing screen behavior.

If you’re willing, please perform and capture the following test:

  1. Launch Brave and ensure that there’s no browsing data currently saved on it (feel free to clear browsing data manually as well just to be sure)
  2. Visit these sites -,, and
  3. Now close Brave as you normally would
  4. Relaunch Brave, and view your browser history page (Menu --> History --> History or CTRL/CMD + Y)

I could not upload it do to I’m a new user, but I did upload it to YouTube instead.
Brave Error 2019-02-27 23:21:58

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