Brave not saving download settings

No matter how many times I choose the setting to ask where to save downloads Brave never updates the setting. Using Windows 7.
This one thing makes it unusable for me as I download files a lot.

Hi @PVC,

Have you tired rebooting Brave after making the changes?

Yep, I tried that. Same thing, saves to the folder in the settings but doesn’t ask me where to save even though I have that setting turned on. If I change the folder it makes that change but not if I choose to ask where to save.

Also, this works fine in my other browsers.

Just of confirm, when rebooting Brave did you use Task Manager to shut down ALL Brave-related processes?

Yes, all tasks associated with Brave were stopped, verified by Task Manager. I also tried rebooting my machine from scratch with Brave being the only application running after reboot. Same behavior. Is there some setting that may be keeping the pop-up window or whatever it is from executing?

I’ve got a few things you can check:
Do you happen to have clear browsing data on exit enabled? see: brave://settings/clearBrowserData
Can you confirm your browser is up to date?
Do you have any browser extensions? Disabling certain extensions may resolve the issue.
You can also try reinstalling Brave (be sure to back up your wallet).

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