Bookmarks will not save

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Can not save Bookmarks. I installed Brave a couple of weeks ago and had to export my Edge bookmarks to an HTML file then upload them. Brave said it would do it automatically but did not. I had added some bookmarks at that time but now I can not add any. I am running Win10 on an HP-8300 with an intel I7-3770 processor, 16GB RAM 1TB SSD. I have tried saving the same bookmark to many folders (tried many different URL’s) but it does not always show up. If it does and I close Brave and reopen it the bookmark is gone. I reset the browser settings from the Brave settings menu and that did not fix the problem. The only setting I changed was the theme to the colorful one.

Expected result:
Save Bookmarks

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.7.92 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Can you elaborate more? I’m not entirely sure about your issue.

Did you said you can’t import your Edge bookmarks to Brave? Or else?

Screenshot and steps to reproduce will be really helpful.

I imported my Edge bookmarks using an HTML saved file.
As of a couple of days ago I can not save a new bookmark.

Here is the problem.

  1. I open a new tab and go to a website.
  2. I want to bookmark the site and do the following
    A. Select Bookmarks (from the 3 bars in upper right of browser)
    B. Select Bookmark This Tab.
    C. In the popup window I select the folder I want to save the bookmark to.
    D. Select DONE
    E. Look to see if the Bookmark shows up in the folder I saved it to. Which it normally does.
    F. Close Brave.
    G. Open Brave.
    H. Open folder where the link I just saved is supposed to be and it is not there.

I reset the Brave settings and tried again. Same problem. I modified the Brave settings by changing the theme and changing search engines to DuckDuckGo and still have the same problem.

I just tried this again and still same problem. Hope this helps

I have not heard anything back yet and the bookmarks will still not save.

I opened Edge and saved several bookmarks then closed it and reopened it and they are still there so this shows me that Brave Browse is the problem. I am saving bookmarks in Excel at this time as a work around.


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