Brave is Crashing After Clicking in DuckDuckGo Links!

I have no idea why this is happening! But while I am using Brave to search on DuckDuckGo, every time that I click in the special links like IMDb profile or Wikipedia page, Brave crashes and closes. I had the same problem in other sites as well.

I would appreciate having some help with it! Thanks!

Same here on macOS 12.5. Brave crashes when I click on a link in the right box. It doesn’t seem to happen in Chrome so it’s likely a Brave specific issue. I’m able to reproduce in a guest window as well. I’m fairly sure it only started happening after the last update (1.41.99). I’m not comfortable sharing a crash dump but the issue should be very simple to reproduce on your end.

Ah, looks like it’s already fixed and a new release is coming soon.


Disable brave://flags/#brave-debounce

A hotfix is being rolled out soon.

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still not fixed as of august 9 2022

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