Brave sometimes crashes on opening links externally

Sometimes Brave crashes (not sure with which possible signals and/or messages) when I click a link (Brave is my default browser) in an external program. The window of Brave (possibly having multiple tabs closes) and it opens a window with just one tab, Brave shows a dialog that asks for restoring closed tabs.

Not sure how exactly to reproduce the problem, but it is very annoying especially because it happens often.

Version 0.59.35 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@porton Thanks for reaching out! Is browser crashing contineousy? If you have any specific steps please provide. Also, can you get the Crash report ID’s when browser crashes?.
Steps to get uploaded crash ID:

  1. Open Chrome://crashes in new tab
  2. You will see bunch of crash reports with Local ID along with Send Now button
  3. Click on Send Now
  4. Restart browser
  5. Open Chrome://crashes again you can see Uploaded crash report ID

Please provide uploaded crash report id. Also, 0.59.35 is quite older version, can you upgrade it to latest released version 0.61.51 and see if you are seeing the same issue.


Chrome://crashes shows “Crash reporting is disabled.”

Crashes happen often namely when I click a link in an external program to open Brave. But it happens not every time when I click such a link. I haven’t figured the criterion on which it depends whether the crash happen or not.

I could install a development version but:

  • I use now Brave as my production browser, it may be a problem with me to work with a development version
  • If I install something other than the default Ubuntu package, it may change how the browser starts, so it may probably not show the bug anymore

By the way, Ubuntu Gnome Brave icon does not work (nothing happens when I click it), I use command line or links in external programs to start Brave.

@porton Please enable the crash report option in settings page as shown below. After you enable crash reports in settings you will be asked for browser restart after that Relauch the browser crash reports will be enabled.



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