Browser crashes when searching from the address bar on private windows

Description of the issue: The browser will crash when you enter something into the address bar in a private window. Normally it will go to the search engine produce results but it crashes every time in a private window.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. DuckDuckGo is the default search engine (not sure if it does the same for different engines)
  2. Open a private window
  3. Enter anything in the address bar and hit enter

Expected result: The browser will completely crash

Brave Version: 1.19.92

Additional information: This only happens on private windows, not regular ones

EDIT: Now when I search anything in private windows the browser crashes too


Im having that problem too. makes private browsing completely unusable unless you change the setting so its always on, kinda sucks if im honest.

Which OS are you guys using?

I’m on Mac OS, Big Sur and noticed this started to happen few days ago, maybe the most recent update to Brave which now is 1.21.74.

I’ve been using the browser mostly to work and this behavior compromises my job, cannot imagine working on something and before saving, boom, crashes!

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