Brave iOS gives you no rewards

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I downloaded brave for my iPhone XR, but can’t get ads so I can claim rewards, I don’t get all the options that you do on other devices

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Expected result:
To get rewards on IPhone XR
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Mobile Device details
iPhone XR
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I tried syncing it with my pc, but still no result.
I would love if you could help me because I use more my mobile and would love to get the rewards.

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Iphone users aren’t allowed to earn BAT due to apple’s appstore policies on apps rewarding users for tasks. It may be the reason why you’re not getting any ads.


I still get ads on my iphone, the problem is just being able to transfer those bats. Brave team havent responded at all to me so i have no idea what to do cause it still isnt working

To transfer the bat to pc, you’ll need to scan a qr code generated in the brave browser on pc , via the brave app on you iphone. The pc version has an option to transfer bat from ios devices to the pc wallet. That is supposed to be used to transfer any bat in your ios wallet from before( when ios version of brave was allowed to pay BAT to users).

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This is due to the December 10th update and our changes to the system to comply with Apple iOS guidelines. Below are two pages that has brave’s official announcement and a thread for further information:

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