Not getting any rewards on iOS 15

So I’m not getting any rewards and I don’t understand why.

@jjones9040 This is because Brave Rewards are not available on iPhone or iPad due to Apple requirements. You can read about it at

So you know, the way it works is we can still opt into Rewards as you see in the screenshot you have activated now. By doing that, BAT you normally would earn is put towards Creators you visit and toward Brave to continue development of the iOS version of Brave.

It stinks we can’t get money from it like on other devices, but we can only blame Apple for that. Just so you know, it only is for devices using the Apple App Store, which is iPhone/iPad. Fortunately if you have it on a Mac computer, you’ll be able to participate in Rewards and earn BAT for yourself.

Also, if you don’t want to see ads on your phone, you can opt out of Rewards and you won’t see any more ads.

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Wow that is disappointing forsure have to get on my android then. Thank you for the quick response.

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