Brave is asking me to verify my identity to receive reward

Hi, good day for all. I’m having problems with brave’s rewards and ads. At least a month ago, I stopped to receive ads in my brave browser, and brave is the unique browser I use in my computer. I notice that when I click in brave’s triangle, at browser, i got a message saying thay I need to verify my identity to receive rewards, and has a link to uphold (my wallet) to verify, but when I click in the link nothing happens and nothing appears to I verify my account or something like this.
I have already verify my uphold’s account when I created an account, so what may I do to correct this bug/error and start receive ads back?

Can you please provide additional information? This will help troubleshoot your issue.

  1. Brave version and OS (brave://rewards copy/paste Brave, Revision, and OS information)
  2. A snapshot of your Brave Rewards panel showing any messages you receive when you try to link to your Uphold account.
  3. Are you in a Brave Supported Region? Brave supported regions have recently changed, so just want to confirm your region is still supported.
  4. Are you using a VPN?

If you are not receiving ads, your account may have been flagged. Flagged accounts can not receive and/or claim rewards. I do not know why that would give you a message to verify your identity but it may be related.

You should send a direct message (DM) to the moderators. Include a link to this post and your Wallet ID (found at brave://rewards-internals). Do not post your wallet id! I suggest changing the DM topic to request checking if your account has been flagged.

Mattches and Steeven are the moderators who handle most of the rewards issues.

How to DM a moderator:

  1. Click on their icon and select the Message button in the top right corner or
  2. You can go to your profile and create a new message in Messages.

ok I sent a private message, thanks

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