To Brave Browser management team & programmers. Give me the option to *easily* remove Brave lens or I'm uninstalling your browser

To Brave Browser management team or programmers - I use Google image search all the time & today just noticed this switch you did in your most recent update from Google image search to brave lens & was pissed. You never asked your customers - you just did it. The reason I switched to Brave, to begin with, is that you didn’t appear to force crap down customers’ throats like the other big platforms. If you don’t reverse this or offer me the option to easily switch back to Google image search - I will soon be giving Brave browser the boot. Maybe you don’t care if I & others leave. & That’s fine because I don’t either. I wouldn’t mind if Brave Lens was as good a product as google image search, but it’s not. It sucks. I like your browser, but you disabled a right-click option I use all the time without my consent & replaced it with a shitty & inferior product that’s not even close in quality.

@CentralNYGuy Could you do a me a favor and walk me through on that? Reason I’m asking is I haven’t really messed with the image searches and all. Also didn’t remember hearing about Brave Lens until your Topic and one of the others. So in all my messing with Brave, it’s one of the things I’m ignorant on. I don’t even know where to look to find it. It really does have me feeling foolish, but as I’m seeing something now I’m not familiar with, was hoping you can help me to figure out where it’s at and how to access it. (then hoping with the bunch of spare time I have, maybe I’ll figure something our or manage to get a response from developers on it if I can’t figure something out)

I’m just a normal user with too much spare time on his hands. I often help here and do the best I can for others, but I’m limited on knowledge. Only putting this note as I’ve had some think Community Ninja means I’m with Brave or something. Wanted to explain why I’m not that knowledgeable and am asking you for info so I can try to see about helping you as well

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