Brave forces me to use Bing or Google for Image Search?

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  1. Searching Images --forces me to choose google or bing – do not want either

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Version 1.50.121 Chromium: 112.0.5615.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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Hello, I just saw the same issue 5 minutes ago. If it so, I will not use Bave search anymore.
Any comment or solution from Brave ?
Many thanks.
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Glad others noticed this. I sure hope it’s temporary. I moved to Brave (and FF before that) specifically to get away from those two services. Pls get us back to avoiding them asap.

I’ll note: I used search string “[mystring] videos” to get around this and got what I assume is normal Brave results.

“relying 100% on it’s own index, with the exception of image and video content” that means it’s not 100%.
Any idea about the real 100% own index ?
If I use Brave it’s not to be “followed” by Google and Microsoft.
Many thanks for a reply.

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He merely means search results only. For Images & videos it still relies on Bing / Google.

Thanks for your reply. Do you know if it will be changed ?

Yes. He said the change is just temporary. No one knows how long it’s gonna take. Sorry!

They’ve relied on Bing for images and videos since day 1 and said so at the time, saying that they would eventually be able to cover that part on their own. That’s fair enough.

But in the recent announcement they should have made it clear that images and videos are not yet covered. Reasonable users will accept shortcomings if you’re honest and transparent about them.

When I saw the blog post I was expecting that this meant images and videos were now covered and then was surprised that they weren’t. They should have said so upfront.

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Yes, we appreciate Brave’s efforts in building their own web index. But just be transparent (as you were at the start when you said you were using Bing for images).

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I agree with you.
I am surprised to discover this problem.
Normally Brave should communicate.
The resolution date, the solution, the “how-to” etc.

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I, too, do not use Brave for image search, and as a result am starting to doubt the relevance of Brave - are they like Duck-duck and secretly sell the info to Google or Microsoft, hiding behind some fine print or just plain lying about it? The lure of money could be hard to resist.
One day a conspiracy, another day - the truth.

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Hi, I thought it was only a temporary problem, but nothing has been solved.
Plus, you have to remove the automatic selection, otherwise you are left with the choice of Google or Bing by default.
I honestly don’t understand. On Linkedin they pride themselves on being the best at privacy but to me this is worse than a flaw.
Photo and video search left in the hands of Google or Microsoft.
Is this a joke ? If yes, then it’s not funny.
If they don’t remove the photo and video search via Google or Microsoft, I think I’ll stop using Brave (unfortunately).

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@Lew11 @cyber123 @tototata @openrange @Brejvbrauzer and everyone else. I just wanted to make sure all of you see that Brave has image search again. As had been said prior, it was just a temporary change where they went without.

(And yeah, I’m keeping this topic locked, so can’t reply. But just wanted to give this advisory for everyone)