Brave Hijacks Email from Firefox

Hello, I have both Brave and FireFox installed. I also have FireFox set as default browser. The issue is that if I go to a website from within FireFox and try to send an Email through a websites contact ‘button’…Brave takes over and displays a blank page. So can’t Email through websites from FireFox…even if I wanted to do it through Brave and just ‘live’ with the bug…Brave doesn’t even show anything - just blank…so I have to resort to searching for contact information from the specific website (which can be very hard and sometimes just not available), and go through manually with my ThunderBird Email client. Help in resolving this is appreciated, short of just uninstalling Brave. thanks.

Can you make sure Brave is not your default handler for email? And make sure Thunderbird is your default?

Hi…thanks for your response…yes I checked on Thunderbird and it is set there to be default. However, I can’t find anywhere in Brave that might indicate it is also set and somehow over riding my Thunderbird settings.

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