native notifications

Hi community
I do not have any notifications (Windows 10)
Brave still does not support native notifications
Or is there something wrong
I tried some solutions and did not get anything

I’m having similar issues: desktop notifications in Brave are not working - every site keeps asking over and over to ‘allow’ them (which I do), then asks again. I go to brave://settings/content/notifications (there’s no link in settings to there !?) and confirm that the sites are allowed - or add them manually if they’re not. Still, sites like Yahoo, Google Mail, Calendar, Drive, WhatsApp Web, etc. are all asking to allow desktop notifications even if I already accepted and allowed them multiple times in Brave.

In addition to bookmark sync not working, that’s possibly the last straw which will send me back to using Chrome. It’s sad that Brave has failed to provide a functioning browser. :disappointed: