Brave has wiped my metamask wallet saying it was corrupted and now I can not access the certain adress that has all my tokens!

Didnt help solve my problem, something needs to be done about this. Spoke to several people that have lost thousands of dollars bcus of this flaw in brave browser. No real support either.

What happened when you pressed Repair?

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It reset the wallet overwriting the data from the previous version. So I lost my only possible doorway to the right files.

I just restored a wallet for someone that had 10k in it 2 days ago. His problem sounded exactly like yours. You said it was an imported account that you could not restore? Where did you import that account from?

Hi , I imported it from a mobile metamask which I uninstalled because it was empty . Without backing it up . Pretty much lost I reckon !

So, you probably didn’t save the seed phrase or private key from your mobile. In that case the only other option is to see if you have any .ldb files that were deleted but are still on your HD on your computer. To do that you need a forensic program. There is a free one called Stellar Data Recovery. It allows up to 1GB of data ( your ldb files will be much smaller) When you run it, you have to save the files on a flash drive. Anyway. run it on this folder and save any ldb and log files to your flash. If you can’t make any sense of them ( they may be a little corrupted ), you can send them to me and I will take out the Keyring portion and send it back to you. You can then decrypt it using the Vault Decryptor offline ( provided you remember your password ). Here is the path to do the scan on:

C:\Users(your user name )\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Local Extension Settings\nkbih…

Found the lbd files but thwy had been corrupted by brave “corruption” of the extension so there is no data to find tk use the vault decryptor😔

Have you tried seeing if there were any deleted files by doing what I posted above?

Hi mate, tried witv simular siftware with no luck. Will try woth this software this evening. If not as you say am i ok to send it over

If you get any file , email it to me. I’ll look at it to see if there is anything there to recover. It may be corrupted, but if you had enough transactions, they may not be corrupted all in the same place, so I can try to piece together the good parts from each to make one good one.

Thanks, will do! But sent it off to 2 data analyst’s and they both said i dont have any chance in recovering the data, but i wont give up yet

I have no idea how to solve your problem, but wanted to give small advice. Do not trust anyone on the internet. You might try to recover your funds, but the in the way get scammed by fraudsters pretending to ‘uncorrupt’ your metamask wallet.


Appreciate that dude, but im pretty positive without my password they wont be able to get the recovery phrase & honestly at this point id be suprised if they can get any data from my position been trying weeks to solve it. But again appricate the warning

That’s right. Don’t give anyone your password, seed phrase, or private key. If they were not scammers, they would give you the corrected file to decrypt yourself. They have no need for that info. Now I say this assuming you have a secure password, not something like “password” or “1234” as your password. If you used an insecure password, don’t give the files to anyone

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The files are corrupt if they could get anything from it id be surprised to say the least! Thanks again, yeah my password is a combination of letters and numbers so shoukd ne very secure, dont think ill be able to get back into my account anyway, even metamask support has said with it being corrupt chances are minimal

@Krustydj ,

You have been chasing the “ldb” files problem for a long time. I am glad that you have a chance. Bless you.

Sadly i dont think i do tried everything now, but thanks

So this is a common problem when using Brave+Metamask?
I have just had the same issue and I’m worried that I have been hacked/malware’d…

Explain in detail to help you?