Dont use brave withh metamask u less you have passphrase written down. its corrupted and ive lost all my funds & nfts

My metamask addon was corrupted and the files needed to use the vault decryptor were corrupted also… for no reason or fault of my own… tried resolving it now with a data analyst and even they have no idea what to do. Do not trust this browser & they have 0 support to help when things go bad. Lost all my nfts and a fair amount of money , had rougly 6 people tried to help me on metamask forum and a couple on here. No luck. Corrputed / f’d up all my data and chances to gain access to my metamask

you really shouldn’t use any wallet without knowing or having access to your passphrase.

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You are using a software wallet without having a copy of your passphrase? You have broken the first rule of crypto.

Without a passphrase stored in a save way and location you will at some point lose access to your crypto. It doesn’t matter if it is MM or the Brave wallet, it will happen. Hard drive failure, stolen laptop, fire, anything. It will happen.

That’s why there is this page when you set it up:

You skipped this step and now your wallet is no longer accessible. No-one to blame but yourself I’m afraid


No s*** sherlock, either way would advise people not to use brave. Its pretty clear i should of stored it better, but if it wasnt for a corrupt browser stealing peoples data wouldnt be in this situation. Also thats why they have the vault decryptor. Ecplain how its my fault that brave has corrupted all the data i need to restore my account for me again?

Dont need to store it, or even have one if you can use data in ldb & or log files to get the information needed. Explain again how its my fault brave corrupted the data i need?

It is not your fault that Brave corrupted the data (if that is indeed what happened). But you didn’t keep a copy of the pass phrase (rule number 1 in crypto). How is that Brave’s fault?


Sure youve got better things than accuse me of lieing. There are several other people that have the same problem. Add on corrupted, repaired it and it corrupted all my data files. Created my wallet years ago and had it backed up before my hard disk crashed. So keep your pointless comments to yourself

Have you considered anger management therapy?

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You considered getting a life and not sitting readi g metamask forums qll day, commenting where it doesnt concern you :slight_smile:

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