Lost brave wallet access

Hey, Yes I know sounds stupid but for some reason i lots access to my wallet …

I log in and it shows now suddenly a new address and of course with no crypto in it, i tried to recover it from the seed phrase but still another address is showing?

is there any way to recover the wallet outside of the braves wallet with the seed phrase?

here is what i lost :frowning:

9 BAT and 3 Quark :frowning: :face_with_thermometer:

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Hey, welcome to the Brave Community :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there’s no way to recover your browser wallet outside of using your recovery key.

If you lost your old recovery key, there’s no way for us to get it back to you, either. Apologies for the inconvenience!

You might try saving your restore code, uninstalling, reinstalling, and then attempting the restore process again.

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Thanks @Asad , and Yes I understand … I thought seed phrase was enough but its not … still getting my way around this crypto Space… and great work with Brave I love it!

well a couple of coins down the bin …

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