It's been months since I received my BAT

Hello, it’s been a lot of months since I stopped receiving BAT on my verified Uphold wallet, in my browser I have 14.750 BAT (5.08 USD), but I have 0 dollars on my Uphold account, is there a way to fix it or something to do? thanks!


Hi @Hecbert4258, payments are still processing - February Brave Ads Payout Status - #4 by steeven.

Hi, I see payments have been completed but I didnt receive BAT on my Uphold account

Please DM the email linked to your wallet id. Thanks!

Should be (, my Uphold account email is (

My wallet ID from brave internals: 39047a85-6abc-4db4-9b8a-a2d25baaa07c

Thanks! 14 BAT total that’s missing?

14.75 BAT sir, it says in brave rewards, thanks for replying.

Thanks for your patience. I’ve just refunded your wallet.

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