Brave has a malware/spyware included?

Since today i seeing constant 25-30% cpu usage by brave, even while NOTHING is opened, not a single tab!
Also disabled all extensions!
If i kill the cpu user subtask of brave, closes the whole browser.

If i close brave normally, the window is closed, but all brave processes are still running, and using cpu!

Huh. In my case, it gave a new life to b my old MacBook air. I think there’s a setting 'Continue running BRAVE and extensions even after browser is closed. :slight_smile:

It is likely just the updater process – there is no malware included in Brave. Can you please open task manager (with the browser closed) and tell me what exact processes are running?

The ususal 10 brave browser processes, like before i closed the browser.
Updater process for about a half hour? Anyway, updater process have a seperate process named something update something, and a brave.exe process (the 10th) was the cpu hog, even when i disabled all extensions (btw there is no extension installed that needs much cpu).

its was one of the first settings to turn that off when i’ve installed brave.

Can you please close the browser, and then share a screenshot of your task manager with all the Brave processes that are still running so I can get a better idea of what’s going on?

Looked like this, when it was happening (at least for a half hour), but not anymore.

The highlighted, last process was using the CPU.

0% cpu on that screenshot btw, was it a specific webpage showing that 161MB?

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Can you please take a few more screenshots for us so we get a better idea of what’s going on with your browser internally? Visit (before you close the browser) and take a screenshot of:

  • The brave://inspect/#extension page
  • The brave://apps page
  • The browser task manager (Menu --> More tools --> Task manager)

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