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My Android browser has been freezing up continuously for over a month with each instance a bug report submitted. And, there has been no fix whatsoever. This is only to my Android phone. my tablet is fine and so are my laptops. I literally cannot surf any site for more than a minute tops and then it freezes and the error message “Brave isn’t responding - Close app; Wait; Send feedback”. My initial download was fine. Then when it got updated that’s when it all started. It’s been a pain as I cannot use this browser and defeats the purpose to have it if it’s not being resolved. Has anyone else had this issue? Has this issue been resolved for you, and if so, how was it remedied? Brave support, any input??

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Hey, Is there a site (or sites) that causes the lock ups? So we can test it out. Which Android phone are you using?

My phone is an Android LG V20 LS-LS997, 8.0, LS99720a
This happens to any site I visit: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, and everything in between. I could be surfing the net or viewing GMail news. Yesterday, however, it ran pretty good, no lag, no issues for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then it froze and the error message popped up on me and closed out.
This is only with my phone. Like I have stated my tablet and laptop browser works fine, no lag, no issues, nothing.

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