Brave frequently crashing on Macbook Air M1 Big Sur

Hi, I’ve noticed a few others having issues with Brave on the Macbook Air with Silicon M1 chip and 16gb ram.

Brave crashes - i.e. just closes itself, not freezing, but disappearing. I’ll include the report that is generated by and for Apple when it happens again.

There doesn’t seem to be a consistent pattern. I have a lot of tabs open, but not more than 20. Today it happened multiple times so I’m reporting it here as I think I have to switch back to Safari until I find a solution.

I recently updated to the latest Brave (1.22.71) and it seems to be happening more often than it did before. I also updated Big Sur to 11.2.3 a couple of weeks ago.

It isn’t happening when the system CPU or memory is under pressure, I haven’t pushed the laptop that hard at all.

I have no idea what is causing it or what to do. For now I will use Safari as I lost work too often.

If anyone has suggestions, they will be appreciated as I’d like to continue using Brave as my main browser, it’s the best anti-tracking one that I know about.

Thank you in advance.

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